Relocate to Reading 

A remarkably rewarding place to live...

lone rower.jpgIf you have never visited Reading before - or if you haven't been here in many years - you are in for a very pleasant surprise. With a diverse, well educated and creative population, the town has some of the best performing schools in the UK, a red brick university leading the world in climate change study, one of the best shopping centres in the country, and is surrounded by unspoilt countryside and magnificent stretches of the river Thames.

Thanks to the town’s superb location it’s hardly surprising that some of the world’s most famous companies have chosen to set up home here - Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, BG Group, Verizon Business and Symantec to name just a few. But Reading is surprising in so many other ways: Michelin Star restaurants; over eight hundred listed buildings and monuments; boutique hotels; family friendly museums; two National Trails and two beautiful rivers on our doorstep.

As the town moves forward it proudly acknowledges its remarkable history. From an influential position at the heart of monarchy in the middle ages (the formidable Abbey Ruins still sit in the heart of the town centre), to its popularity as a thriving commercial centre under the Victorians, each new development has been embraced as part of a natural process of growth. 

Fest crowd portrait.jpgThe people of Reading reflect the energy and ever changing face of the town. They come from all over the globe - to learn, to work, to experience our culture and to be part of the exciting way of life in modern Reading. Together, people and place are moving forward, sharing an ambitious vision for a town that is recreating itself with imagination and heart.

So if you think you know what to expect - hold that thought - and discover Reading for yourself.     




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