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Reading is on the move. Not since the end of the 19th century has there been a time when Reading’s prospects have looked so good. Building on many of our natural advantages of location and environment, the arrival of major new businesses, a greatly improved transport infrastructure and - crucially - a new sense of hope and confidence all point to a positive future. As a result, Reading could become one of the great towns of the world.

But change brings new challenges and that is why the Reading 2050 Vision work is so important. It has brought together a wide range of interested parties to think carefully about how best to secure a smart and sustainable future for Reading, identifying both opportunities and risks.

The University of Reading is proud to play its part in this project. We are a national and international university but one that is firmly grounded in our locality. ‘Town and Gown’ are inextricably linked and we rely on each other to succeed.

Sustainable thinking underpins all that we do at the University. That is seen from the range of our research interests, through the way we seek to transfer knowledge, to a commitment to sustainable practices on our campuses. At the same time, developments such as our forthcoming 42 acre Science and Innovation Park demonstrate our long term commitment to the town.

The Reading 2050 Vision is work in progress. I hope that you will join us in bringing it to fruition.