Aspirations for Reading

Synthesising all the content and ideas generated to date, we have been able to propose some headlines for the evolving Reading UK 2050 vision.

  • An internationally recognised city region, with an established lifestyle and knowledge based economy.
  • A cosmopolitan city celebrating and supporting its cultural diversity.
  • Retrofitted and developed to create a smart, sustainable, high quality built environment.
  • A leading destination offering a vibrant city of arts, culture, architecture and public realm.
  • Supported by a comprehensive sustainable transport system that accommodates walking and cycling, as well as rapid transport and zero emission vehicles.
  • A city of equal opportunities for all and reducing poverty and deprivation.
  • A dynamic, resilient and confident city attracting new businesses and entrepreneurs operating sector wide.
  • A leader in smart and green technology and sustainable living solutions.
  • A city which has rediscovered and embraced its heritage and landscape.
  • Generating a large proportion of its own energy from renewables.