Evolving scenarios for a vision for Reading

Three common themes have emerged from the project so far that we have drawn together into scenarios. While these scenarios are not mutually exclusive, they frame some of the key ideas presented through the process so far, specifically drawing upon the strengths and opportunitiesw unique to Reading. 

Scenario 1: A City of Rivers & Parks...

...recognises how water water has shaped much of Reading. Not just the River Thames, but the River Kennet, the Kennet & Avon Canal and the Holy Brook all weave their way through and under much of our city, defining and offering opportunity via their river banks and crossings. The city would celebrate Reading’s waterways, opening them up to offer recreational spaces such as animated parks, a Lido, food production opportunities and city centre waterside living. Greening the IDR, through a modal shift in transportation, will create an enhancing green ring around the city, as opposed to the current constricting concrete one, while regular open space and green roofs provide lungs for the city as we seek to increase density and improve sustainability.

vision scenarios quote1

Scenario 2: A City of Festivals & Culture...

...would build on the success of the iconic Reading Festival to deliver arts and culture to people of all ages and ethnicities. We would look to facilitate community interaction and opportunity within Reading, weaving the music festival back into the city, offering vibrant public gathering spaces and integrating and celebrating our city’s heritage. Comedy, independent retailers and pop up shops, street cafes and markets, art exhibitions, sporting events, religious and international festivals, could all be celebrated and woven throughout the urban fabric to bring our city to life.

vision scenarios quote2

Scenario 3: A Green Tech City...

...builds upon the established technology focus of our city. It celebrates and encourages diversity through business incubation units, ‘Ideas Factories’ and a city centre University campus through which to exhibit and test cutting edge ideas and approaches, no matter what faculty they are emerging from. Retrofitting existing buildings and the development of new iconic architecture will provide some of the greenest accommodation possible for incoming businesses, while a Reading ‘Oyster’ card, a comprehensive cycle network and Urban Gondolas or a Rapid Transit System connect the city from east to west, and north to south, relieving the town centre of congestion.

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