Kennet Island Foudry Brook June 2020 ABA great place to live and work

Reading ranks fourth in a new index which assesses which of the UK’s 100 largest towns and cities outside London are the best to live and do business in and have the strongest growth prospects.

The Lambert Smith Hampton Vitality Index 2022 ranks each location for economy and business; living and health and environment. Specifically, Reading ranks 4th for business based on wage growth, workforce jobs growth in specific sectors, new enterprises and business density, productivity and growth and commercial property investment. For living, Reading ranks 7th nationally on the basis of excellent education, lifestyle and consumption. 

The report goes on to say that "in light of the changes accelerated by the pandemic, such as greater home working and the increased desire for green space, these (factors) could become even more desirable as residential and business locations, particularly for those currently based in London."


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