Artists to perform at “Düsseldorf at the Reading Fringe Festival 2017”



To celebrate 70 years of the special relationship between Reading and Düsseldorf, some of the German city’s finest artists will be coming to Reading to perform during Reading Fringe Festival this July.

Reading and Dusselfdorf have had close links since 1947, just after the end of the Second World War and it is probably the oldest relationship between British and German cities.

There is a really exiting programme of events happening at this year's Festival. Organised by the Reading Düsseldorf Association, in partnership with Reading Fringe Festival, the milestone anniversary performances will include:


Aberrations - Indie Rock

Canadian German

Aberrations Indie RockAberrations are an exceptionally exciting live rock band and they encapsulate ‘International
Düsseldorf’ today. Two of the musicians are from Canada, Christ Subacco is head of music at the International school Dusseldorf and Ian LeBlanc is an IT specialist at a telecommunications company. Both came to Düsseldorf originally for just a short time, but loved it so much, they made the city their home and have also married and made homes to stay.

Aberrations have offered to give a workshop on electric guitar and song writing for young people aged 13-18 which will take place in cooperation with the Reading School of Rock!


Arturo Castro - Classical Guitarist

Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuba

Arturo Castro Classical GuitaristAwarded as the best guitarist in Puerto Rico, Arturo Castro came to Düsseldorf to study with Professor Joaquin Clerch. He has said it was the only place for him to come to. Most find it extraordinary that the Spanish-speaking students come to Düsseldorf to learn guitar, but such is the reputation of Professor Clerch, who can now proudly claim to have some of the best guitarists in the world of classical music as former students. Arturo is an enchanting performer, his Latin background charms his audience yet at the same time, his knowledge of German music impresses to the core.





Ben J. Riepe - Contemporary Dance

German, Swiss, Indian

Ben JThe Ben J Riepe Kompanie have offered to create a piece for Reading around the friendship. They will perform at the legendary Olympic Ballroom, where amounts others the Rolling Stones have played. The couple who met at the Olympics in the 1950's still live in Reading. We are hoping they can be incorporated into the piece as well as some dancers from Reading. We also have the possibility of Ben J Riepe hosting a ‘Performance Brunch’ for the press and OB Thomas Geisel and members of the City of Reading.

Winners of the Düsseldorf Newcomers Award Performing Arts 2011

Theaterfestivals FAVORITEN 2016 Dortmund


Creeps - Creeps - Electronica

German, Ukrainian

Creeps ElectronicaOur youngest band, students from the HHU and Kunstakademie Nominated for the City Beats Prize after only having played live ONCE! Winner was awarded in December 2016 at Haus der Jugend.




Emil Schult - Multi-Media Artist


Emil Schult Multi Media ArtistThe ‘Eyes of Kraftwerk’, student of Josef Beuys and Gerhard Richter, Emil Schult has agreed to come to Reading Fringe Festival as he firmly believes that a greater exchange is necessary for all nationalities in order to have a hope of achieving peace in our world.
The work of the students is also very important to Emil and he would like 2 students to accompany him to Reading where he will give a multi-media show on the theme of electronic music, both in the visual and acoustic form.


Emil will give a short introduction to the Krypta he created in the Robert Schumann Conservatory, a place that fascinated all visitors including Kraftwerk fans, who would visit Düsseldorf just for this reason and should certainly be known by many more!

He will then perform behind a screen, with the student creating a multi-media show of visuals and sound.

Emil is currently working on opening a new gallery for the work of the Kustakademie students’ work very soon and will most likely be presenting this as well!


Henry Storch - Unique Record Label Founder and DJ


Henry Storch Unique Record Label Founder and DJFew know the Düsseldorf music scene as well as Henry Storch. Henry’s record label 'Unique', founded in 1988, is one of Europe’s oldest independent record labels.

Ivory Clay, winners of this years Düsseldorf Newcomers Music Award are just about to release their first album on Unique.

A much respected DJ specialising  in retro soul and dance music with an international following, especially in UK. Henry is regularly booked for some of the best clubs in Europe.


He will host the Reading-Düsseldorf Mixer Party on the Friday night of the festival.

The free Golzheim Festival, also one of Henry’s many community projects, is the same weekend of the Reading Fringe. He will return to Düsseldorf on Saturday morning with artists from Reading whom he will invite to perform at Golzheim.

Henry will be more than happy to host a questions and answers session on the Düsseldorf music scene and the workings of an independent record label.


Love Machine - Psychedelic Rock


Love Machine Psychedelic RockLove machine is made up of Düsseldorf musicians who spent their youths hanging-out in the Schlachthof creating sounds that they work today into their music.

There is a strong Psychedelic music scene in Reading and Love Machine will be well received including a colourful light show as part of their performance!




Professor Joaquin Clerch - Classical Guitarist


Professor Joaquin Clerch Classical GuitaristProfessor Joaquin Clerch of the Robert Schumann Music Conservatory attracts students from all over the world, particularly the Spanish-speaking countries, to come to Düsseldorf to study guitar with him, such is his reputation as being, quite simply, one of the best in the world. His students are winning all the major prizes in the world of classical guitar.



The Echo prize-winning musician has agreed to play the Reading Fringe Festival for Düsseldorf and will be sharing his story and demonstrates the important history of classical music in Düssledorf.

Arturo Castro, one of Joaquin’s graduates will also play another concert to complete this story in Reading. In his homeland of Cuba, Joaquin is recognised as one of the greatest musicians in the land. In 2015 Joaquin played the Tonhalle with the Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Cuba. A historical concert as it is rare that the orchestra has the opportunity to travel.


Stabil Elite - Electronica


Stabil Elite ElectronicaNo celebration of the city of Düsseldorf can go ahead without the inclusion of Krautrockers Stabile Elite. From the home of electronic music, these Düsseldorf boys continue the tradition but very much in their own way, creating a worldwide following playing gigs from China to Israel to the mighty South by Southwest Festival, Texas.



Winners of the Düsseldorf Music Newcomers Award 2011 and popNRW-Preis 2012


Possibly Vom Ritchie


Possibly Vom Ritchie BritishDrummer of the Toten Hosen also plays with independent bands for his Düsseldorf record label 'Drumming Monkey'. As a musician from the UK himself, he still plays in the UK on a regular basis. If his Toten Hosen schedule allows, he will be playing at the Reading Fringe and is keen to support this important friendship in any way he can. As Vom has been in Düsseldorf for many years, he is a great bridge for between the UK and Germany.

If he attends he will happily chat to the audience after the gig about life on the road with the Toten Hosen.



Linda Hergarten - Soprano


Linda Hergarten SopranoLinda Hergarten, also a graduate of the Robert Schumann Music Conservatory, is a young classically trained artist of the universal appeal. She has an ease on stage with her beautiful and astounding voice. Her repertoire of opera to chanson to pop songs is unbeatable.




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