Becoming more sustainable

At home if you feel your energy bills are too high – you might take steps to reduce them. The same can reasonably be expected of the organisations running Reading’s buildings and outdoor spaces - to take steps to reduce spending and therefore reduce energy use, waste generation, water consumption and other resource use. A sustainable approach is widely recognised for its capacity to reduce “running costs” in the long-term and save all of Reading’s organisations a great deal of money. 

Over the coming years, The Reading Sustainability Centre (TRSC) seeks to work more closely with the facility management teams of Reading’s buildings and outdoor spaces to ensure that these expectations are being met. Unless a coordinated sustainability strategy is established (and more importantly, implemented) customer, visitor, employee, and public experience will not be as good as it should be. Just as you make the effort to change your behaviour at home, to reduce energy consumption and recycle more, so these changes can and should be mirrored in your workplaces and the places you visit. Edinburgh Zoo have shown the sort of achievements that can be made.

TRSC is willing to engage with local businesses and organisations to encourage them to make the changes needed and to increase the quality of life for all in Reading.

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