Best Burgers in Reading?


When you think of a traditional burger, you think of a juicy meat patty, fresh crunch lettuce, grilled onions, dripping melted cheese, pickles (the best bit), and sauce of your choosing all sandwiched between a nice sesame seed bun.

But sometimes it's better to think outside the bun. So here are 5 of the Best Burgers in Reading!

handmadeCheese & Bacon Dirty Burger - Handmade Burger Co.

A classic love story of Beef patty meets cheese and bacon- only this time the bacon is coated in maple syrup and the burger is as messy as it is delicious.

Grilled up at Handmade Burger Co. this sweet meets savoury masterpiece is made with only the freshest, finest tasting and traceable ingredients; sourced locally whenever possible to ensure your Dirty Burger is as fresh as a new pair of white converse on the first day of summer.


Reading Burger – Honest Burgers


Juicy Beef patty still pink in the middle, Barkham Blue cheese, roasted red pepper chutney, smoked bacon, tomato, readingburgerpickles and lettuce all tucked into a perfectly baked bun make for a local special fitting for a vibrant town like Reading.

Sourcing the award winning Barkham Blue cheese from Two Hoots Cheese in Wokingham and the roasted red pepper chutney from Nomad Bakey, the Reading burger shows commitment to the newest town it now calls home, in a delicious and mouth-watering fashion.

Catch them outside their restaurant handing out samples because, come on- who doesn’t like samples?


fiveguysCheese Burger – Five Guys


Thinking outside the box is how the world evolves, however sometimes it is okay to take comfort in the classics and no one serves up the classics better than Five Guys.


Arguably the perfect classic burger, the philosophy is simple. Perfectly grilled beef patties, secret recipe buns toasted ever-so-slightly for the perfect texture and two slices of American cheese- all wrapped up in foil so that gorgeous cheese melts evenly.


“Feeling the warmth of my Five Guys Burger in the brown paper bag as I carry it to my table is what I imagine carrying your new-born child from the hospital feels like” – someone I met in Five Guys once.


Mac Stack Burger – Bluegrass BBQ


Beef Patty + Bacon + Smoked Pulled Chuck Steak + Mac N’ Cheese = Hell yeah baby macstack


If this one thing our Atlantic cousins can get right its food, and boy oh boy does Bluegrass BBQ deliver on that promise. Their Mac Stack Burger proves that excess is sometimes necessary for a mouth-watering masterpiece.


Pairing the perfect comfort food with the perfect meaty sandwich, I’d say the Mac Stack Burger is one for every foodies bucket list. Or is that too cheesey?


triplebTriple B – 7Bone Burger Co.


The Triple B burger is the burger you never knew you needed until you first try it. A delicious and unique combination of flavours to tantalise your taste buds, with its flavoursome aged beef patty as the foundation, the triple b offers you the aromatic taste of melt-in-your mouth blue cheese, the savoury saltiness of cooked-to-a-perfect-crisp bacon and their truly unique bacon jam, all topped off with a truffle blue cheese dressing.


But don’t take our word for it, the only way to understand these beauty of these burgers is to try them for yourself! So get out there and try something new! We promise you won’t regret it.


Did we miss out your favourite? Trying one of the burgers on this list? Get in touch on Twitter and Instagram and let us know! @livingreading



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