Business Improvement District Committee

Terms of Reference


1. Reading UK CIC is the economic development champion for Reading; its main object is: “to promote and sustain the economic development of Reading in order to achieve sustainable prosperity for those that live, work, play, visit, do business and invest in the area.” It acts as a delivery vehicle for all aspects of the Economic Development Strategy (EDS), the aim of which is to promote and improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area.

2. The Reading BID is a delivery vehicle for some aspects of economic development, its aim being to deliver a series of initiatives and services that will raise the quality of experience for businesses, customers and visitors to central Reading.

3. In accordance with Article 6, the Directors of Reading UK CIC have resolved to appoint a committee – the BID Committee - for the purpose of overseeing the delivery of those initiatives and services set out in the BID business plan, formally voted in on 16 April 2014. A BID Manager, responsible for the delivery of the BID business plan, supports the Committee.

4. The composition of the Committee is based on that set out in the BID business plan and accords (approximately) with the representation of the different business sectors in the BID:



Broad Street Banks/retail/commercial
St Mary's Butts/Gun Street/Castle Street Commercial/independent hospitality
Union Street/Chain Street Independent retail
Friar Street/West Street/Oxford Road Hospitality/commercial/retail
Queen Victoria Street/Cross Street Retail/Commercial services
Butter Market/High Street/Market Place Independent retail and commercial
King Street/Kings Road/Duke Street/High Street Independent retail/hospitality
Blagrave Street/Forbury/Station Road Hospitality/commercial services
Reading Buses Transport
Pub Watch Licensed hospitality sector
Reading Borough Council Environment and Consumer protection service
Board of Directors Executive Director
Thames Valley Police Central Reading Neighbourhood Team
Property owners Broad Street Mall / Oracle Shopping Centre

5. The Group’s quorum is six and this must include representation from the CIC.

6. Committee members will be expected to canvas the views of other BID levy-payers within their designated street/s in order to gauge the effectiveness of the BID

7. The Committee can lobby – through its Chairman – on matters that are within the scope of the BID business plan.

8. The BID Committee can discuss matters of concern outside the scope of the BID business plan but the decision to lobby on such matters must be referred to the Board of Directors.

9. Non-levy payers may be invited to join the Committee if their skills and contribution are deemed appropriate to the Committee’s purpose.

10. The Committee shall appoint a Chairman who will be responsible for reporting back to the Board of Directors at each of its bi-monthly meetings

11. The BID projects, costs and time scales can be altered by the BID Committee – within the restraints of the BID income – providing that the BID aims and objectives are adhered to. Any decisions outside this scope will be referred to the Board. All decisions will be ratified by a vote and reported to the next Board meeting. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chair shall have a second or casting vote.

12. The BID Committee will meet every two months.

13. An agenda and any supporting documentation including minutes, financial and communications update will be circulated to all Committee members at least one week in advance of meetings. Minutes will be taken and circulated to all members of the Committee

14. When a member is unable to attend, they may nominate a representative from their business to represent them, in order to maximise communication.

15. Committee members will undertake to act as ambassadors for the Business Improvement District and offer their expertise where possible/appropriate in the promotion of the BID’s aims.

16. Committee members who do not pay their BID levy where applicable will make themselves excluded from the BID Committee if a reminder to pay is ignored.


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