Why I support Reading town centre

Reading businesses endorse Reading BID

Darren Read - Nationwide

Darren Reed Nationwide April 2018 1As a building society keen to go back to its roots by building strong links with its local community, Reading BID and involvement in it is key to Nationwide in Reading. We are keen to support not only the centre of Reading but also surrounding areas by engaging with those who live there and helping encourage them to come into the town centre. The BID helps create an attractive retail environment with the extra services it provides. Nationwide is pleased to invest in Reading town centre.


Graham Mountford - Broad Street Mall

Graham Mountford Profile pic 2The BID has been front and centre of Reading town centre’s economy for nearly 15 years and during that time it has added incredible value to our town. The Broad Street Mall was Reading’s original shopping centre and has been here for over 40 years so is best placed to see the positive contribution that the  BID has made through improved cleaning, spectacular Christmas  lights, attractive floral displays and an innovative cardboard collection service. It has undoubtedly helped place Reading as a top regional centre for retail and business.

Danny Freyfeld - Purple Turtle

danny fraifeld 350x470 AWThe Purple Turtle has been proud to be an integral part of Reading’s night time economy for over thirty years. We continue to support the BID and the partnerships it fosters. It has contributed in large part to our  licensed businesses continue success. We are proud that, BID led, Reading has achieved ‘Purple Flag’ status again with a commendation for demonstrating best practice in the safe management of the night time economy for the public and our staff.

Fiona Brownfoot - Hicks Baker

FionaBrownfootThe retail landscape is facing  challenges from many directions, therefore it is imperative that town centres do everything in their power to ensure that the micro environment is as attractive and welcoming and safe and accessible as possible. Having a BID fulfills an essential role both in being a vehicle for communication and collaboration between town centre retailers and other stakeholders, and also providing the town with the resources and services and events that allow for a thriving town centre.




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