Reading UK launches new Bounceback Toolkit to support Reading businesses


Reading UK has launched its Bounceback Toolkit, a range of resources and supporting materials for small businesses in the Reading region, to help them recover strongly from the economic shock of COVID19 and grow their businesses post pandemic.

The toolkit has been put together by Reading businesses, for Reading businesses, and covers a number of key business areas, from finance to marketing, property to wellness, smart cities, customer service and recruitment, as well as including exclusive interviews and advice. Reading businesses contributing to the Toolkit include PwC, Stantec, Reading Football Club, Barton Willmore, BH&P, M&G, Reading Borough Council, Jacobs the Jewellers, The Oracle Shopping Centre and Great Western Railway.

In November 2020, Reading UK launched Powered by People, a four-year Economic Recovery Strategy for Reading, which prioritises support for local people through new digital and green economy skills along with sustainable infrastructure investment. As part of this, Reading UK has worked with influential businesses within the Reading region to bring together a range of resources designed to support economic recovery.

Adam Jacobs, Chairman of Reading UK, commented: “COVID-19 has taken its toll on people's lives in Reading, as it has across the UK, and the resulting economic restrictions continue to affect the ability of many businesses to operate normally. Amongst multiple catalysts, a combination of market confidence, leadership and investment in skills and training across multiple sectors regionally will be vital. These can underpin a quick bounce back, once restrictions are relaxed – our new toolkit addresses these. 

“One of the themes of the COVID-period has been a spirit of kindness and support in Reading residents and businesses alike. We hope that the collective effort of our business community in producing the Bounceback Toolkit will help support and kickstart Reading’s economic recovery, ensuring we are able to continue our journey to becoming a truly smart, modern and vibrant business city for the 21st century, to the benefit of all in the Reading region.”

Jason Brock, Leader of the Council, commented:

“We know that the last 12 months have seriously affected everyone across Reading and that our local businesses have been badly hit by the pandemic. Whether you are a small or large business owner, self-employed, or a business who relies on the retail, hospitality and leisure industries, we know there are many hundreds of local firms out there who are struggling.

“The Bounceback Toolkit put together by our partners Reading UK is an excellent and very welcome initiative.”

Reading UK is passionate about Reading: its people, its economy and its future. A partnership organisation, it exists to boost business and enhance visitor experiences to drive Reading’s economy, attract talent and business to our city and ultimately improve the quality of life for all Reading people.





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