Brazillian Music and Film Festival Gets Underway


cityofgodStarting on Wednesday, January 17th through to Wednesday, March 21st, Reading is hosting a festival celebrating Brazillian Music and Film.

Cinema and music lovers are in for a treat with this colourful and vibrant event showcasing Brazillian culture, with movies and music from the country being played at the Reading Film Theatre.

Established over 40 years ago, the theatre will play host to the event celebrating the representation of music and film, and the crucial role they play in Brazil's artistic and iconic culture.

The season will run alongside the Brazillian Music and Film course which focuses on the way the two forms of mediareadingfilmtheatre combine.

Documentaries and posthumous celebratory portraits of artists from Brazil will be shown every Wednesday, predominantly in Portuguese with English subtitles.

The course itself will work in tandem with the screenings, and will combine an introduction to the relevant artist and musical genre with in-depth analysis of key films and songs.

elitesquadGeneral admission is £5 if booked in advance, or £6 on the door. Discounted rates are available for Reading Film Theatre members, children under 14, seniors and students.

The Brazillian Music and Film course which will be led by a tutor will cost £45 for the entire two month festival.

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