Rotary Club raises £10k for Royal Berkshire Charity. 


rotaryclubThe Rotary Club of Reading Maiden Erlegh donated £10k to Royal Berkshire Charity following successful fundraising. 


The cheque for £10,500 was donated to the Royal Berkshire Charity by the Rotary Club of Reading Maiden Erlegh after raising the funds at the Reading Charity Art Fair.


The Royal Berkshire Charity have confirmed they are going to use the funds to buy a new breast scanner; that will help improve the diagnosis of breast cancer by identifying smaller lumps, for the Royal Berkshire Hospital.


Dr Elizabeth Cave, clinical director of the Royal Berkshire Breast Scanning Clinic highlighted the potential of the new royalberkshirehospitalscanner, adding 'the accuracy of diagnosis will improve with this new scanner, and the scans will not be more comfortable for patients than the current generation of equipment on offer in the hospital.


The scanner is expected to arrive in the hospital in the coming months, once it's evaluation is completed. 


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