Work and training ‘satnav’ for young people

A new web app providing young people in Reading with the best advice and support available to help them into work, education or training is now available.Apprentice+Bus.jpeg

ElevateMe is an interactive, online tool that helps young people to develop their knowledge and skills by accessing free advice and support from experts on subjects such as how to gain work experience, find an apprenticeship, produce an excellent job application or how to set up a business. 

Designed for young people aged 16-24, Elevateme will be of particular interest and benefit to those young people currently not in education, training or work, helping them to hone their skills, confidence and experience to move towards suitable employment or training.

ElevateMe allows young people to move around a virtual Reading townscape to create their own personal experience, with each building representing a subject such as mentoring, work experience or motivation. They can ‘build’ floors by developing their knowledge and track their progress when they take positive actions as a result of what they have learned. The web app is designed to work equally well on PCs, tablets and smartphones, and to be used independently or with advisors.

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