Studying English in Reading


Apprentice Bus.jpegReading has proved to be very popular with students wanting to improve their language skills, either through intensive short courses, evening classes, or degree level and beyond. 

Because we are a well established university town, and home to many international headquarters, there has been a natural expansion of independent language schools,  alongside the University of Reading's popular summer language school,  courses available on a full and part time basis at Reading College, and traditional exchange programmes for younger students.

You will also find an extensive range of language skills and English access classes through New Directions.

The following are some of the dedicated language schools available in the area


The Meeting House

12 Church Street

Reading, RG1 2SB
(+44) (0) 7944 115 915 /

Euro Speak Ltd
45 West Street
Reading, RG1 1TZ
0118 958 9599

Languages, Training and  Development
18a, Bridge St,
Reading, RG4 8AA 
Tel: 0118 946 3457

Parkland International Language School
(English Summer School)
Administration Address - 
3 Ryhill Way, Lower Earley
RG6 4AZ,
0118 931 3214

Robertson Languages International
Robertson House
57-59 High Street
Reading, RG10 9AJ
0118 934 6000

Speak & Learn Languages
154A Castle Hill
Reading, RG1 7RP
0118 958 1103


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