Why Learn in Reading?

A record of educational achievement....  

students_outside_ICMA.jpgReading is a town of opportunity, with one of the highest skilled workforces in the country, one of the best graduate retention ratios, and - most importantly - a healthy and ever expanding employment market. 

That is partly what makes us a natural choice when it comes to studying, whether you are improving your English skills, looking at post-graduate study or hoping to qualify as a plumber. There are always plenty of opportunities for both part-time and full-time work, especially in the hospitality and leisure and care sectors

Although not a cheap town to live in, we do have a steady supply of good quality rental accommodation for every budget We are one of the most accessible towns in the country and our quality of life really has to be lived to be believed. 

The town is cosmopolitan in the very best sense of the word, so overseas students will find it a welcoming place, and we are a big town - we have all the assets of a city, without the anonymity. 

The biggest testament to learning in Reading has to be the number of our graduates who choose to stay, live and work in the area. They simply wouldn't go anywhere else.


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