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Reading tops UK Cities Good Growth index

Reading is once again ranked as a leading UK city for growth, according to the Demos-PwC Good Growth for Cities Index 2017 published on 8 November 2017. 

For the second year running, Reading and Oxford are the two highest performing cities with the most recent results showing a continued gap between these two and other UK cities.   This reflects continued improvement across a range of measures including jobs, income and skills. In addition, Reading has the highest score of all 42 UK cities featured in the report in terms of health while it also scores strongly on new business development.

The sixth annual Good Growth for Cities Index sets out to show there is more to life, work and well-being than just GDP. The Index measures the performance of 42 of the largest cities based on 10 indicators generated by the public as key to economic success and well-being. These include employment, health, income, skills, as well as housing affordability, commuting times, environmental factors, business start-ups, work-life balance and income inequality.

John Ellis, Office Senior Partner for PwC in Reading commented: “It’s great that Reading is one of the highest performing UK cities for the second year running. The growth story for the South East is compelling given the high GVA and attractiveness of the region to business. Reading and the Thames Valley form a key part of that growth agenda with further steady expansion expected, thanks to continued investment and improved transport links like Crossrail further opening up the region.” NIGELRESIZED

Nigel Horton-Baker, Executive Director, Reading UK, said: “The Reading economy continues to drive the success of the broader Thames Valley region with an impressive track record of attracting significant investment and relocating businesses. This success is underpinned by a highly-skilled labour force, excellent connectivity and high wages, particularly in the digital sector. This is supported by high level productivity and, increasingly, an exciting lifestyle offer that creates a healthy work-life balance for residents and employees in Reading 


“Reading is in the strongest shape possible to tackle issues that come with economic success, namely housing affordability linked to increasing demand and the transport pressures of a growing economy. However, the indicators point to a bright future for our defacto city and with a new 2050 Vision recently published, there is now a private-sector driven private/public shared ambition for Reading’s long-term future.”

The full Good Growth report is available at www.pwc.co.uk/goodgrowth from 8 November.


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