Happy and healthy equals more productive at work

New Festival of Workplace Wellness supports Reading businesses to create a healthier working environment

Festival of Workplace Wellness BE HAPPY AT WORKA new event aimed at helping businesses to create a working environment that supports their staff to be happier, healthier and ultimately more productive, is being launched at Green Park on 8 November.

People spend a lot of time working but the world of work is changing. People are looking for more balance between work and their social/family lives, greater flexibility on how and when they work and wanting to become healthier.

Brought together by Reading UK and Business Biscotti with the support of Green Park, the Festival of Workplace Wellness has been designed to provide working people and those responsible for staff welfare with creative ideas, information, tips, tools and techniques to improve  overall health and wellbeing, and that of their organisation too.

Sue Brackley, Economic Development Manager, Reading UK said: “In this digital age when we are always ‘on’, the pressures of juggling can become really stressful, leading to anxiety, ill health and time taken off from working.

“The Festival of Workplace Wellness is about creating healthier, happier and less stressed people who are in turn more productive and less likely to take time off due to a mental or physical illness.  We will guide people through the range of tools available to improve wellbeing and improve performance. A better you makes better business!”

There will be 50 taster workshops covering all aspects of health & wellbeing in the workplace, 15 classes, activities and creative sessions, a mini spa, keynote speeches, a quiet zone, meditation, networking and a nutritious lunch.

The event is open to all - whether working for a large corporation, small to medium enterprise, public sector or charity.  More importantly it will be equally valuable to men and women working remotely, running small businesses or working from home.

The event is kindly supported by: Green Park, Reading UK, Cisco, Business Biscotti, FSB & MetroBank.

The Festival of Workplace Wellness takes place on 8 November at Green Park Conference Centre, Reading from 9.00am - 2.30pm.   

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