Hosier Street Development Framework


hosierstreetThe Council has published the Draft Hosier Street Area Development Framework for consultation which covers the area of the former Civic Offices, Broad Street Mall and the Thames Valley Police Headquarters. 

Due to the relocation of the Council offices, ambitious proposals put forward by the owners of the Broad Street Mall and the review by Thames Valley Police of their existing buildings there are major developments on the horizon for Hosier Street and the surrounding area.

The combination of multiple sites with different owners means a detailed framework is required to guide the varying developments and to help provide the most suitable form of development for the area as a whole. St Marys Butts 1

The Draft Hosier Street Area Development Framework provides an extensive masterplan for the area, with an emphasis on creating a high-quality public focused realm where numerous mixed use spaces will be located. 

It seeks to reconnect and reintegrate the area with adjoining parts of the town centre, acknowledging the historic character of the area with adjoining Conservation Area and numerous listed buildings. A

particular focus is to integrate the area with St Mary's Butts, aiming to complement the existing St Mary's Churchyard and make use of the wide carriageways with a new public realm. Another focus is to improve the frontages of the Broad Street Mall, with the Oxford Road facing frontages earmarked as priority. 

The Draft Hosier Street Area Development Framework can be viewed from Friday July 20th at http://www.reading.gov.uk/hosier_street.



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