Reading Top Destination to Start Career


RDNGTWNCNTR BLADE 240609Reading has been ranked among the top destinations to start a career in the UK following an investigation by Market Inspector.

University graduates make up a considerable proportion of the UK’s working population and the report looked closely at the key elements that they consider when choosing where to start their career.

Out of the 44 cities tested, Reading was rated 7th overall, higher than other Southern cities like Brighton, Bristol, Oxford and Southampton.

It is important to know that there are employment opportunities in the town you choose to live in, and Reading was the 3rd highest in this section of the report.

Green Park 22Reading is known as a technological hub, and many graduates look favourably upon cities with strong technological innovation. In this section, Reading scored 9th place overall.

A major factor for graduates when job hunting is potential salary, a section where Reading scored the highest overall out of the 44 cities tested, with an average graduate salary of £655 per week. Affordable housing is an important factor for graduates when looking at relocating, and Reading ranked well in this section, coming in cheaper than other Southern cities popular with graduates such as Cambridge, Oxford, Southampton, Bristol, Milton-Keynes and Brighton.

A majorly overlooked factor for graduates when looking at relocating is the cultural scene of the city, something Reading ranked very well in. Reading registered 10th for Concerts and Shows, 7th for Pubs per square mile and 7th for average cost per pint at just £3.65.

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