Reading's Living Advent Calendar 2019 - APPLY!

elvesNeed funding to do a super cool, quirky event in Reading as part of a Living Advent Calendar supporting local charities?

Applications close on Sunday 15th of September and you will be informed of our decision by the Sunday 13th of October. You can apply directly online here or find out more first with the background info below.

Key things to note

1) activity will be 30-60 mins

2) activity will be delivered in the confines of a shop / cafe / business etc. (from small business up to department store size)

3) activity must be tech sufficient. That doesn't mean you can't have e.g. a mic etc, just that you'll need to sort all that yourself!

4) activity must take place between 1-24 December


Remember: you can apply to two pots of funding:

  • Event pot (up to £500)
  • New Commission pot (up to £2000)

Preparing to fill in the application form

You'll need your contact details

About your activity / event - please give us a description of what you would like to do, including who will be involved in delivering it, running length, target audience for the event, and any technical needs. The clearer you can be, the better!

Do you need funding for your event? If you answered 'yes', please provide a budget summarising costs and activities, including the total amount you will be requesting

Are you applying for funding from the "New Commission" stream of up to £2,000?  If you answered 'yes', please explain in what ways your proposed activity is unique, ambitious to you, and any future plans for it.      If you answered 'yes', please list any additional funders, along with anticipated submission and confirmation dates         

Marketing and promotion

Please tell us how you will promote the event / list any social media accounts you have / tell us your website address if you have one

Insurance and availability

Do you have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)? (Please be aware you will be required to arrange PLI for your participation in the event.

Please confirm the dates you are AVAILABLE in December. This includes weekday daytimes, evenings and weekends.

Apply online here


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