Reading at the heart of UK Tech Nation

TechNation2017Tech Nation 2017, the most comprehensive study to date of the UK's tech ecosystem, reports that the density of digital businesses in Reading is almost twice that of its nearest competitor. 


With over 1000 data points, 220 community partners, 61 tech startup case studies and 30 UK tech clusters, Tech Nation 2017 marks the most comprehensive study to date on the UK’s tech ecosystem.

How does Reading's digital economy fare:- 

Digital density - 1st in UK At 7.26, nearly twice the  density of nearest competitor (Bristol & Bath 4.35)
Digital turnover - 2nd in UK £12.5 bn, 13% of total UK digital turnover of £97bn
Average digital salary - 2nd in UK £53,255
Digital jobs 45,269
Digital job growth ( 2011-15) 30%
Digital GVA £5.5bn (productivity)
Digital start up birth rate 21% (of all businesses in area)
Digital high growth firms 18% (in top 10% nationally)
Digital start ups 605 (average number of start ups 2011-15)
Meet ups 2nd outside London - local support/networking opportunities

 Tech Nation surveyed local start ups about what is good about being based in Reading and the challenges:-

  • 74% said the quality of life is good
  • 77% said the tech sector has growth potential
  • 64% said the strength of the digital economy was good
  • 47% said it was a challenge to recruit high skilled workers
  • 32% said there was low level awareness of local digital businesses
  • 31% said there was a limited supply of appropriate property on competitive terms

Tech Nation has classified the UK into 30 clusters.  Reading is defined as the ONS Travel to Work Area including Bracknell. Read the full report here




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