Reading cited in UK Smart Cities Index

UK Smart Cities Index identifies leaders, contenders and challengers at London launch event

The Reading UK 2050 project is cited in a new report commissioned by Huawei UK and conducted by Navigant Consulting.

The first-ever Huawei UK Smart Cities Index measured how well the nation’s urban centres are doing at using digital technology to improve everything from their transport infrastructure to their refuse collection.

London and Bristol were ranked as “Leaders” at the top of the table; next came the “Contenders”, with Birmingham in third place, followed by Glasgow, Manchester, and Milton Keynes.

“Reading’s smart city strategy has been outlined in the Reading UK 2050 project. The city is promoting business incubation units called Ideas Factories, as well as the use of Reading University’s city centre campus to exhibit and test innovative ideas and approaches. Other planned projects include retrofitting existing buildings and the development of iconic architecture to provide some of the greenest accommodation possible for incoming businesses. The city transport strategy includes plans for a Reading smart transport card; a comprehensive cycle network; and urban gondolas or a rapid transit system to connect the city from east to west, and north to south, relieving congestion in the town centre.”

The Huawei UK Smart Cities Index rankings were calculated by an in-depth analysis of ten criteria within their strategy and execution, covering areas such as their vision, objectives, implementation record, environmental impact and community reach.

The Index highlighted five themes that are common across the most successful smart city programmes which are, the importance of leadership and vision; a need to focus on local priorities and strengths; the importance of engagement with local communities; building local partnerships and understanding the way in which the data revolution can improve services and boost innovation.

The report cites the need for future demonstration projects to have a strong emphasis on both measurable outcomes and sound business cases, as well as encouraging wider collaboration and knowledge sharing between UK cities.

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