Reading in UK's top 3 most productive cities 

16 November 2017

The Centre for Cities report on the UK’s most productive cities, ‘The role of place in the UK’s productivity puzzle’, assesses Reading as the third most productive city in the UK with productivity of £68.900 per person.

Nigel Horton-Baker, Executive Director, Reading UK said: “Reading has recently been ranked as the fastest growing city in the country (EY report), leads the UK in terms of ‘good growth’ in 2017 (PwC-Demos Good Growth 2017) and is designated one of the top 20 smart cities in the country (Huawei Smart Cities report).  This latest report released by Centre for Cities focuses on the productivity of the labour force with Reading’s strong economic performance driven by a highly skilled workforce, excellent transport links and vibrant town centre. These huge advantages bode well for Reading’s ability to continue to attract more business investment. ”

The report demonstrates that Reading is the third most productive city in Britain, producing on average £68,900 per worker in 2015, reflecting Reading's ability  to attract business investment, which in turn depends on the specific benefits that Reading offers businesses –  access to knowledge – both in terms of high-skilled workers and a more dense city centre and easy access to London). 

Reading performs well across all sectors , with particular strength in information and communications with worker productivity on average £113,000

Economic indicator Reading
Total pool of workers in the city and its surrounding hinterland 396,000
Share of workers who have a degree in the city and its surrounding hinterland, 2011 38%
Share of workers who have no or few formal qualifications in the city and its surrounding hinterland, 2011 24%
Density of the city centre (jobs per hectare), 2011 183
Rateable value per square metre, 2017 £136

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