Reading projected to outpace all other UK cities outside London over next five years, report EY

At Reading UK's 2017 Reading Economic Forum on 2 November,  EY previewed the latest growth forecast research for Reading and the Thames Valley economy and shared insights from a new study on the region.

Peter Arnold, Director, Economic Advisory at EY, said:  “EY ITEM Club’s region and city economic forecast shows that Reading is expected to top the UK growth league for both employment and GVA over the next five years. Reading’s strengths in the UK’s fastest growing sector – digital – explains this impressive performance.”

Reading is forecast to top the UK growth league table with average annual GVA (productivity) growth of 3.8%. The Information and Communications sector will experience twice as large a share of GVA as the national average.  "Reading demonstrates UK cities can prosper in the modern knowledge-based economy."


EY next 5 years graph


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