Reading UK exists to boost business and enhance visitor experiences in a  way that improves the quality of life for all in the region. 

Reading UK was established in 2007 as a Community Interest Company (CIC). It
operates as a private sector led partnership with the public sector to create opportunities and remove barriers to growth in Reading, enhance opportunities for all and improve the
reputation of Reading at all levels.

Reading UK exists to drive growth for Reading to create an economy which is
competitive and attractive to global business, which boasts a vibrant 24/7 retail, arts, cultural and hospitality sector at its centre, supports strong local business sectors, creates
employment opportunities for local people of all ages and promotes the benefits of a strong
economy to everyone that lives, works or visits Reading.

In 2016/17, Reading UK CIC delivered against these objectives with a series of high profile
programmes and projects, including a new Economic Development Plan for Reading which
sets the future economic direction for the town, leafing Reading's Year of Culture and developing the Reading 2050 vision.

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Key contacts

Nigel Horton-Baker, Executive Director 

Alex Brannen, Communications Manager

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