Reading UK Board report: January 2021

At the recent meeting of Reading UK’s Board of Directors, the Board received reports on the work undertaken by Reading UK to support economic recovery, guided by the Powered by People Economic Recovery Strategy which was launched pre-Christmas. 

The Board noted the progress made on the strategy themes in particular the Inclusive Reading skills, training and business startup programme, the soon-to-be-launched Reading UK Business Toolkit in which Reading-based businesses provide advice, guidance and best practice solutions to business problems and progress made on the Marketing Strategy.

The Board welcomed news of continuing investment and relocations to Reading, including the recent announcement of the relocation of ‘Three’ to Green Park in the second half of 2021 and the positive progress of the Station Hill scheme through planning.  Reading UK will be championing these and other success stories of business confidence in Reading. 

The importance of the town centre economy for the economic wellbeing of Reading and its sub region was reaffirmed by the Board. The Reading BID Committees will be working closely to monitor occupancy levels in offices and return-to-office policies. The Board also agreed its support for Reading Borough Council’s work to develop a town centre strategy.

As part of this Reading UK will be hosting a big debate to look at the changing nature of user interests in the town centre, the linkages and opportunities with neighbourhood centres and ensure that the business voice is heard.  


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