Street Entertainment (Busking)

A voluntary Street Entertainment (busking) registration scheme operates in the town centre in order to maintain a high standard of on-street performance and provide a fair distribution of the available performance spaces to our buskers. 

If you wish to perform in Reading town centre, you will need to complete a registration form and return it to Reading UK CIC, together with a link to an example of your music/performance in any of the formats listed below:   

  • You Tube clip
  • Myspace page
  • Electronic music file

PLEASE NOTE: applicants will:

  • be over 18 years old
  • provide a current passport style photo as a jpeg file
  • perform without amplification
  • play acoustic music suitable for shared public space (no drumming, no rock guitar etc)
  • be flexible  in terms of location – there are often town centre events taking place in Broad Street. Registered buskers in Reading will give precedence to planned events and commercial promotions happening in public spaces.  
  • For a full list of terms and conditions, download the registration form.

Download the registration form here



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