Early impacts of the development of the Reading 2050 Vision

Published in October 2017, the Reading 2050 Vision is already having a positive impact on Reading, reflected in planning documents, projects and successful funding bids.


Supporting Reading Buses vision for a sustainable future for public transport

Reading Buses have taken inspiration from Reading 2005 to create a 2050 vision for the future of bus travel and the need for good transport connectivity. Reading Buses: Forward Future has taken the 2050 concept of Reading becoming a truly “smart and sustainable city” as part of its own aspirations.


New river services

Thames River Cruises are exploring a number of new river transport services across Reading, including linking Reading town centre and Reading Station to Thames Valley Park and Green Park Business Park for commuters. The proposed services would utilise the Rivers Kennet and Thames. The company also plan to trial a new cruise this summer joining up the Thames with transport along the Kennet to visit the re-opening Reading Abbey Ruins.


Successful funding bids

Making the case for investment in a new festival – Reading on Thames

A new festival, the Reading on Thames festival, has been launched on the back of the Rivers & Parks 2050 theme. Celebrating Reading’s magnificent waterways and taking them as inspiration for a new arts, culture and heritage festival, Reading on Thames takes its lead from two of the themes of Reading 2050.  Arts Council England (ACE) funded the inaugural festival in 2017 delivered by Reading UK and a successful Reading Borough Council £750,000 bid to the HLF/ACE Great Places scheme will fund the Reading on Thames Festival for the next 3 years, as well as fund arts research and cultural commissioning programmes for Reading.

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Smart City Cluster

Central Government investment in smart cities through Thames Valley Berkshire LEP is delivering a smart city communications and data platform to benefit residents, employees and encouraging economic development.  The £1.7m project will support a range of projects around transport, energy, environment and assisted living delivered by Reading Borough Council with project management from Peter Brett Associates and with further input from the School of the Built Environment at University of Reading.


Digital Catapult’s Internet of Things UK programme has funded a Connect TVT Smart City Challenge event to accelerate SME development of IoT solutions in the areas of environment, improving health and reducing accidents.

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Smart City IoT Hackathon

Led by Reading Borough Council, this innovation catalyst will help develop smart city responses to health, environment, transport, assisted living, buildings, retail, logistics and location based services. Read more>>>

In addition a number of other bids for funding have been made to the UK research councils (EPSRC, AHRC) and DCLG ESIF funds for projects which connect directly with the Reading 2050 vision.

Built environment

Draft Reading Local Plan

The Reading 2050 vision is cited in Reading Borough Council’s draft Local Plan. The Plan, which sets out how Reading Borough Council sees Reading developing up to 2036, has been a number of consultation rounds and has reached the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan stage. This version will be submitted for approval to the Secretary of State.

“At the same time as the drafting of the Local Plan to 2036, work is underway on a longer term vision for Reading, under the Reading 2050 project, to deliver a smart and sustainable city by 2050. This is not a Council initiative, rather it is being led by the University of Reading, Barton Willmore and Reading UK CIC. It is an ongoing process, but at this stage a number of headlines for how Reading should be in 2050 are emerging”


Inspiring young property professionals in early part of their career

Barton Willmore Architectural Assistant, David Cooper has created a vision for what the town’s historic prison could look like, taking inspiration from Reading 2050. He envisages re-using Reading Prison as a permanent public art gallery which would form a cultural hub in Reading’s historic cultural quarter.

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