Session 3 - Spatial Mapping

Reviewing the core suggestions made in Session 1 we then encouraged participants to consider a timeline for their delivery, what should take priority and what particular type of change would it require e.g. governance, behaviour or technology.

Group 1


  • Solar powered vehicle charging south of M4 or at Junction 11.
  • Business incubation space in UoR Science Park
  • Sustainable energy or an Anaeorbic Digestion Plant at Green Park
  • Marina or nature reserve on flood plains to west of A33.
  • High level sustainable pedestrian and cycle route into Reading
  • Support to development of independent retailers on Oxford Road
  • Improved transport links along the Oxford Road
  • Build to Rent development close to Prospect Park
  • Flood/nature reserve/marina close to Festival site
  • Compact housing and employment uses across central Reading
  • Re-establishment of hidden rivers through Reading’s town centre
  • Another road bridge across the River Thames
  • Delivery of shared ownership housing in Caversham
  • Development of ‘Winnersh Village’ given transportation links


  • Create a ‘tourist trap’ around the historical elements of Reading centre
  • Deliver fun activities by the river in the parks
  • A district energy network alongside the River Thames
  • Independent market hall or Hub for start-ups with encouraging rents
  • Entertainment quarter on civic centre/broad st mall/hexagon site with skate park, cafes and open space.
  • Open air swimming pool powered by renewable energy close to the River Thames
  • Improved pedestrian link to river and parks under railway.

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Group 2


  • Rapid transit linking the north and south
  • Rebalancing of north and south of town in terms of built environment
  • Open town to the River Thames
  • Build over the railway line in order to better link the north and south and connect to the river.
  • High quality floating residential with green roofs alongside the river.


  • A Cathedral of people/Theatre of dreams building – The Reading Barbican
  • Provide accommodation for the festival within the centre of town.
  • Extend the commercial hub north of the station and to the River Thames
  • Develop a leisure facility in walking distance of town centre/close to marina as a leisure hub
  • Reduce the status of the IDR, especially where the commercial area crosses it
  • Use IDR for Mass rapid transport.
  • Overbridge the IDR to the west where possible
  • Entrepreneurs could populate the west auction house site – studios and workshops, residential above.
  • Green roofs on town centre development continue the wildlife corridors

session3 image2


Group 3


  • The second Oracle at Shinfield
  • Build around Green Park to deliver a South Garden City
  • Green park Hub
  • Mass rapid transit linking north to south and east to west
  • Family homes delivered on the current Cattle Market site
  • A year round Festival Park
  • High rise, high density in centre
  • Tech city west focus area
  • Earley Hub
  • Winnersh Hub


  • A Sky train
  • Cathedral Quarter at Reading Minster
  • Arena and public open space on the Civic Centre/Hexagon/St Mary’s Butts site
  • Arts and cultural centre in same location
  • New urban village by the water – Festival site
  • Aqua zone by marina
  • Play zone by river and parks
  • Tech cells campus
  • Interface with river and development in opportunity area to east of town centre
  • Another floating village here too?

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