Explore Reading along the Great West Way

The Great West Way is a 125 mile-long national trail, stretching from London to Bristol. It follows a 125-mile EGWW masterroute based on one of the first Great Roads commissioned by the Kings of England. Along the Way everyday England rubs shoulders with world-famous heritage. The Great West Way is for curious travellers searching for the real England. Those who want to explore further, delve deeper and uncover the essence of England.

As well as being a great base from which to explore the Great West Way, Reading has lots to offer in its own right, from the burial place of King Henry I of England, Reading Abbey, to splendid stretches of the River Thames, a wonderful open-air Lido with top-notch restaurant and spa treatments, great museums, luxurious places to stay such as the Roseate, and the region's best shopping and open-air dining. 

Reading is proud to be featured at the centre of this route of discovery. So if you fancy exploring our town as part of a road, rail, hiking or boat trip or just basing your selves here at one of our great hotels, the Great West Way is your ultimate guide.

To find out more about the Great West Way, visit the website HERE.

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