Escape Rooms in Reading

Looking for somewhere to try something different. In Reading, you can choose from five Escape Rooms with multiple games as well as outdoor games and a couple of festivals. 

What is an escape room? 

A game in which a small team of players discover clues and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to reach the end of the puzzle. You have a time limit to escape the room and usually some help if you get stuck. For people who like riddles and conundrums and team work.  Groups of friends, work colleagues or family.

What does Reading have on offer?

TimeTrapTime Trap Escape Rooms 

Current games include Pudding Lane 1666, Imaginarium 1863, Station X 1942 and Professor Pooch's Outdoor Adventure (around Reading). More>>>





Escape Hunt 26

Games - Doctor Who Escape Rooms, Blackbeard's Treasure, Alice in Puzzleland, The Last Vikings, Escape the Wild West. Plus 2 outdoor games

Escape Reading

Games - Age of Magic, the Ram Raid, the Vampire Slayers, Blown Away, Kidnapped. 

Deadlocked Escape Rooms

Games - The Time Machine, The Phoenix Research, The Testing Chamber. 




EscapeTheChopNEW* Escape The Chop (Burghfield Common - 8 miles south of Reading town centre). A new immersive room set in a real barbers shop! 








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